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How does a Filipino get a Croatian last name? Mark Goldberg And we are not allowed to discuss the issue. Mind you, this is an Orthopedic surgeon. And why is he a Jihadist? No, it is not mental illness. It is Islam, that commands Jihad. And we need to pound this into the minds of everyone so that the understanding of the problems can be possible.

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This chronology is primarily meant as a Resource for researchers focusing on Nigeria. Chronology of Attacks — mid Pre Boko Haram attacks focused mainly on police stations, not directly targeting civilians. Some of their major attacks are listed here: January — attempted attack on Damboa police station. June — attempted prison break of arrested members in Damaturu capital of Yobe in which four Boko Hartam members were killed. Remnant of this militant group are considered by some observers as forming the nucleus of what became Boko Haram[5].

I like Ahmed Mir’s answer and diagrams. I’ll just add the in country estimate of overall population is around million, plus or minus roughly 10%. That gives us a Nigerian Muslim population of roughly 90 to million people.

See Article History Ilorin, city, traditional emirate, and capital of Kwara state, western Nigeria , on the Awun River, a minor tributary of the Niger. Founded in the late 18th century by Yoruba people, it became the capital of a kingdom that was a vassal state of the Oyo empire. Abd as-Salam conducted a jihad toward the sea and was only stopped by the Ibadan victory over his cavalrymen at Oshogbo in Throughout the 19th century, Ilorin served as a major trade centre between the Hausa of the north and the Yoruba of the south.

It strongly resisted British rule, and not until , when the army of the Royal Niger Company arrived after conquering Bida miles east-northeast , did Ilorin recognize British supremacy. In Ilorin emirate was the only part of Yorubaland to be included in the Northern Nigeria Protectorate, which, later in the colonial period, developed into the Northern Province and then the Northern Region. Modern Ilorin is mainly inhabited by Muslim Yoruba people, although its traditional ruler is a Yoruba-speaking Fulani emir.

Surrounding the historic central district with its traditional single-story red-mud houses with thatched straw roofs and numerous mosques , all protected by a mud wall, the modern city is an industrial, commercial, and educational centre. It is a major market for locally raised crops yams, cassava [manioc], corn [maize], sorghum, millet, rice, peppers, peanuts [groundnuts], shea nuts, kola nuts, cotton and for cattle, hides, and poultry.

Local handicrafts include pottery making, wood carving, leather working, cloth weaving, and mat and basket weaving.

Will Britain have a Muslim majority by 2050?

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The distribution of Muslim population in India is a unique demographic phenomenon. Though Muslims form nearly 14% of India’s vast population, they are a highly urbanized religious community.

Arts Apr 5, Though the groups originated in different parts of West Africa, religion, intermarriage and adoption of the Hausa language by the Fulani have unified the groups over time. In contemporary Nigerian society, they are often referred to collectively as Hausa-Fulani. Islam is a key component of their ethnic identity and continues to inform their role in modern Nigerian society and politics.

Their culture is deeply patriarchal and patrilineal. Igbo The Igbo, the main ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria, has represented some of the staunchest opponents of Sharia law. In many northern Hausa-Fulani-dominated states, minority populations of Igbo claim to have been unfairly targeted by laws that do not pertain to their faith.

Religion, Family Law, and Recognition of Identity in Nigeria |

October 7, Mapping the Global Muslim Population A comprehensive demographic study of more than countries finds that there are 1. However, the Middle East-North Africa region has the highest percentage of Muslim-majority countries. These minority Muslim populations are often quite large. India, for example, has the third-largest population of Muslims worldwide. Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq.

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The first is that the context of this article is sub-Sahara Africa. Within that context, I use “traditional” in the sense of what was customary up to the time of independence, i. There are two further important points to be borne in mind: I think it can help clarity of exposition if we approach our subject from three angles.

In the first place we can compare African traditions and attitudes with Christian teaching on marriage and the family, and more concretely with the natural law values that it is part of the Church’s mission to preserve and hand on. In the second place we can contrast these African attitudes with the sexual or marital and family “mores” that prevail in the western world.

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In fact, it’s all a farce as the DHS is still allowing Muslims to be funded and schooling some to supposedly “prevent young Muslims from becoming jihadis. Why doesn’t the DHS shut them down? But then this is the so called unbiased DHS talking now. If they were unbiased under Obama and saw a genuine threat to homeland security, they never would have allowed Muslims into the nation under Obama or any president for that matter.

And why do I say that? Some think it all started with President George H. Bush President 1 and they are partially correct more than they realize. Truth is, the problem was already made very apparent to students of prophecy long before that when the Vatican was allowed a say in American politics after the prophesied meeting of wherein the Papal head wounded started to scab over.

And the reason I said Bush was part of the problem is because his father Prescott Bush is the one that worked hand in hand with the Pope in Rome to bring Hitler to power. No, most in political power won’t acknowledge the Pope’s role in any of this, but then that’s not surprising since this is how Rome came to power eons ago ; and so it won’t change today because as with anything else, good or bad, it’s as the old saying goes. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Making sense of Nigeria’s Fulani-farmer conflict

Large majorities say they belong to one of these faiths, and, in sharp contrast with Europe and the United States, very few people are religiously unaffiliated. Despite the dominance of Christianity and Islam, traditional African religious beliefs and practices have not disappeared. Rather, they coexist with Islam and Christianity.

Large numbers of Africans actively participate in Christianity or Islam yet also believe in witchcraft, evil spirits, sacrifices to ancestors, traditional religious healers, reincarnation and other elements of traditional African religions. Many Christians and Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa describe members of the other faith as tolerant and honest.

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Mail Highlights Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, whose political coalition and party have suffered dozens of defections in the National Assembly, will face a significant election test in February, when he hopes to win a second term. The country’s main opposition alliance will select a northern presidential candidate to match Buhari; the two sides could split votes in the northwestern areas, making competition elsewhere the deciding factor.

Militancy will play a critical role in next year’s elections as Nigeria’s various stakeholders try to exploit the country’s insecurity for political gain. This assessment is part of a series of analyses supporting Stratfor’s upcoming Fourth-Quarter Forecast. These assessments are designed to provide more context and in-depth analysis on key developments to watch in the coming quarter. Elections scheduled for February will come into focus as Nigeria enters the final quarter of President Muhammadu Buhari will be running again, though dozens of defections from his ruling All Progressives Congress APC party to the People’s Democratic Party PDP , the main opposition party, have altered the balance of power within the National Assembly and will test his re-election plans.

And in Nigeria, politics and militancy go hand in hand, and the country’s leadership at times has tacitly backed, exploited and used insecurity as a political weapon. The close connection between politics and militancy certainly will be a key factor in determining whether Buhari, a former military head of state turned civilian president, will be able to earn a second term.

The Big Picture Nigeria will be focused on upcoming national and state elections over the next six months. And that means the country’s diverse ethnic groups and regions will try to spin the elections in their favor. Exploiting, manipulating and using Nigeria’s insecurity is a key part of that process, which makes the country’s security situation over the next six months especially important.

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They are among the most widely dispersed and culturally diverse peoples in all of Africa. Many Fulani trace their beginnings back one thousand years to the Senegambia area. By the eighteenth century some had migrated as far east as the Niger and Benue Rivers now in Nigeria.

Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in West Africa. The CIA estimates 50% [1] while the BBC estimates slightly over 50% (). [2] Muslims in Nigeria are predominantly Sunni of .

Department of State from the mid s until distributed a document titled ” Marriage to Saudis ,” offering straight-talking advice to American women contemplating tying the knot with Saudi men. As Martin Kramer describes what he calls “a minor classic by an anonymous diplomat”: It is remarkable for its undiplomatic and anecdotal tone, so distant from the department’s standard bureaucratic style. For prospective spouses, “Marriage to Saudis” constituted an official tutorial in Saudi culture; for others, it served as a fascinating example of practical anthropology, school of hard knocks.

Here is a choice excerpt: The donning of the black abayas and face veils

Egypt goalkeeper declines Budweiser-sponsored ‘Man of the Match’ trophy at World Cup

Getting a good rishta is everyone’s dream. Matrimonial and shadi online services are for the people who are truly interested in marriage and are serious to get married as these services are not provided in dating sites. The people of all age group are available in matrimonial listings with all details i. Also one must register to a known matrimonial site as they provide secure services and special privacy is given to the members on those sites. Shadi is a bond between two individuals.

Wedding is called as “Shadi” in south asian languages.

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I’m Resolute in Implementing My 3-Points Agenda – Buhari [Vanguard] Abuja -President Muhammadu Buhari, Monday in Abuja said his administration remained resolute and focused on delivering on the three-pronged promises of securing the lives and properties of Nigerians, halting the pillage of the economy by corrupt public officials, and creating employment opportunities for the youths. Dangote Receives Land for U. Central Bank Injects U.

What Are Nigerians Afraid of Losing? It was as if the country, that is so desperate for funding, simply spat the money back out. Journalists Have Hijacked Our Job, Ex-Footballer Owolabi Laments [Guardian] Former Super Eagles winger, Felix Owolabi, has expressed displeasure over the attitude of journalists, who he said have taken over the role of former footballers as the sport analyst during live matches. Owoade has warned that unless challenges confronting the Administration of Criminal Justice Act ACJA are not resolved, realizing its goals may remain a mirage.

National Stakeholders’ Committee and Task of Prison Decongestion [Guardian] Abuja -The recently inaugurated national stakeholders’ committee on prison reforms, last week, began the state tour of prisons with a view to decongesting the over-populated facilities across the country.

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Originally published on February 22, 8: To see more, visit http: A prominent Muslim leader in Nigeria is making a point about a common practice in Islam. He says if people are worried about poverty or terrorism, they should consider how those problems can be made worse by polygamy. He addressed a gathering on Sunday about proposed wide ranging changes to family law in Kano, Nigeria’s biggest Muslim state and one of nine governed by Islamic law.

Islam permits polygamy only if a man can provide for all members of his family.

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EH eh , that is not the racist me oo.. And how would they even have it when we have not taken the time to put it into writing. SO came the inspiration to write this. There is no standard way to this celebration. And as Nigeria is highly multicultural, the manner of celebration differs among ethnic groups. From the Yorubas of the southwest, to the igbos in the south east to the majorly Muslim north, Eid is one special event!

I am a Yoruba girl a typical one at that.. And you know what, I got MJ, my hausa friend to write the hausa way of doing it.. Now I am going to be needing friends from other parts of Nigeria. Preparation The preparation for eid starts from a week before it usually. The most important things at this time are the clothes to wear. Yorubas are well known for what is called Aso ebi, also known as and-co.

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